Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Newborn Photography {Melbourne Family Photographer}

Welcome little Clotilde! She is the fourth child in her family and very much loved and adored by everyone.

Newborn sessions at best done at 7-14 days from birth. In the first two weeks babies are still sleepy and curled up like they are inside mummy's tummy and that results in some beautiful dreamy images. If you want to book in a newborn session I would love to hear from you while you are still pregnant so that I can pop your due date in my calendar and get ready to meet your new arrival. For practical reasons I normally travel to my clients home for the session but you are welcome to come to me too!

Book your newborn session before 31.12.2015 and receive 20 complimentary double sided birth anouncement cards with linen finish and envelopes.

Bookings: me@sannagriffin.com.au or 0424 080 565


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas mini sessions { Melbourne family photographer }

Christmas is here soon and so are christmas mini sessions! I'm doing christmas mini sessions in a beautiful natural light studio on sat 28th Nov!

Sort four christmas gifts in less time than it takes to find car park at the local shops by booking a mini session. These unique and memorable gifts will be cherished for years to come and wont be forgotten .. 

Make it as festive as you like - I have few props availabe if you wish but you are also welcome to bring your own as well. Let's create some great portraits together!


The package includes:
* a pre session consulation by phone or email
* 30 minute photographic session in a natural light studio in Richmond of up to six individuals (additional people will incur a charge of $30 per person)
* your choice of four 5x7" matted prints

Christmas mini sessions must be paid for in advance and are only available on Sat 28th Nov. 

Bookings: me@sannagriffin.com.au or 0424 080 565

*christmas cards and upgrade packages available at special prices!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Capturing milestones { Melbourne Family Photographer }

Here is Charlie 10 months - such a adorable age to capture! He is sitting up but not crawling or walking yet. Just so smiley and happy little boy! 

Would you like to capture your childs milestones? Great ages are when your child is sitting up on their own, crawling, standing up or taking their first steps! Book today - I would love to create some amazing images you adore. Contact via email: me@sannagriffin.com.au or photne 0424 080 565

Sanna x

Friday, 18 September 2015

Helsinki Family session { Melbourne Family photographer }

Let's go back to Summer Helsinki one more time .. love this session .. we had a great morning running around the local park. 

Interested capturing your children and family in a relaxed, natural way? 
Book your family portrait session today! You can contact me on 0424 080 565 or me@sannagriffin.com.au

Check out my website for information www.sannagriffin.com.au  and like my facebook page.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

6 tips: How to get the most out of your family photography session {Melbourne Family Photographer}

Spring is almost here and some of you are thinking updating your family portrait or perhaps taking one for the first time! Family portraits are an investment (of your time and money) and like any other investment you don't buy until you have done your reserach and made sure you know how to make it work for your family. As a photographer I want your family to enjoy the session but also be happy with the results so in oder to do so I have put few tips together how to get the most out of your photo session .. 


Tip 1: Choose the right photographer for you

Choose a photographer who has a style that appeals to you - it's no use picking a photographer that takes candid photo's when you are really looking for a posed studio portrait

Check out my website & gallery to see more examples of my work so you can get a good idea of my style.

Tip 2: Arrive well rested and fed

Plan the shoot for a time that works for you.  Make sure it doesn't clash with sleep times or meal times and give yourself plenty of time so you can relax and enjoy it. The golden hour (the hour after sunrise and before sunset) provides a beautiful golden light and spectacular backgrounds but does require commitment to get to a shoot at these times.  I can shoot anytime of the day utilizing areas of open shade. A cloudy day on your photo shoot is a great thing! Don’t show up to photo shoot on an empty stomach. If your plan is to have breakfast/lunch/dinner after the shoot be sure to give everyone a good snack beforehand.     


Tip 3: Choose the right clothing


Have your clothing chosen way in advance and make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and attractive.  Clothing can set the mood for your images. For example if you want soft and elegant look, opt for neutral colours with soft flowing fabrics. Think creams, very soft pastels, light browns, tans, grays, and slate blues. Or want to showcase the fun and energetic side of your family?  Choose coordinating colors (but not matching) with bold accent colors, such as hues of gray with yellow or bright red accents.  Sometimes adding fun accessories like scarves, headbands, hats, etc. can bring nice touch to your images. 


Most importantly though, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in - it will show in the photo's! As your photographer I’m always happy to help so don’t be afraid to ask.

Tip 4:  During the shoot NOT everyone has to be looking and smiling at the camera at the same time.


The best photographs are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other.  Understand that not every picture needs to have everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  If you are engaged as a family and loving on each other, your eyes will be on your family members and your smile with be natural.  These are the photographs that you will cherish most because they depict your family connection and your love.
Tip 5: Leave cheese for the crackers

Please, parents… leave the “cheese” at home.  Cheese is for crackers.  Demanding young children to look at the camera to smile will only stress your children out and will result in strained, unnatural and often unflattering photographs.  Step back, and allow me as the photographer naturally interact and talk with your children.  This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles.  Help the photographer capture the true essence of your child’s personality by talking with and coaxing out those smiles naturally and easily.
Tip 6: Have fun!
Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air.  Give your wife a sweet kiss on the check.  Tell your husband how much you love him and appreciate him for being there for your family.  Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace.  Kiss.  Snuggle.  Play.  Doing these things will allow me as the photographer to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family.  
Relax, have fun and most importantly be yourself - its your life, this is your story and at the end of the day you are the only one who can tell it – I’m just here to help capture a brief moment of it. 

Bookings and enquiries: mobile 0424 080 565 or email me@sannagriffin.com.au 


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thank you!

I work hard on this little business of mine and with little leaps and bounds I keep going forward one session at a time. I couldn't do it without my dear clients and people who believe in what I do. Yesterday I reached 200 likes on facebook .. I know it's not thousands or anything like that but it is meaningful to me. So decided to celebrate with little giveaway! 

Let's get creative here .. where is the most magical place you would like to be photographed with your family and why. Is it on a winery, lavender farm, in the middle of cherry blossoms, on the beach or perhaps in your own back yard ..? Answer this question on facebook and like my page & share my facebook post with your friends and you have a chance to win that dream session of yours and I also give you $100 towards printed products (because I think all good photographs should be printed!). 

So let's recap what you need to do:

1. Like my facebook page - click here
2. Tell me where is the most magical place you would like to be photographed with your   family and why? Don't be afraid to be creative.
3. Share my facebook post with your friends

 Entries end Monday 24.8. 9am. Winner is anounced on my facebook page later that day.

*This competition does not have anyhting to do with facebook * Terms & conditions apply* 


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Helsinki Family session {Melbourne family photographer}

Family sessions are my favourite. I love capturing people for who they are but also what they mean to each other. This little family were so relaxed and they didn't hold back kisses, giggles and cuddles.  Here are few of my favourite images from the session, hope you enjoy them!

Do you want to capture your families moments through photography? I'm available for family photography sessions around Kew and Melbourne metro areas. Bookings and enquiries: me@sannagriffin.com.au

Hope to hear from you soon!


Friday, 7 August 2015

Reflections from our holiday {Melbourne Family Photographer}

We have been back two weeks now and the holiday starts to feel like distant memory .. I have to pinch myself did five weeks really go that fast! They say time flies when you are having fun and I couldn't agree more. I spent morning collating photos from our trip and it got me thinking all those amazing things we got to do and people we got to hang out with. Here are just few things that we did on our holiday ..

 We had long chats, picked wild flowers, got excited about freshly caught fish,  hangout whole day in our pyjamas, watched little baby seagulls jump out of their nest, enjoyed berries straight from the bush, explored new places, ran barefoot, had sauna by the lake, went skinny dipping, watched bon fire on midsummer eve, made packakes on openfire, ate peas straight out of a paperbag on the market square, blew hundreds of dandylions, caught ferries to islands, washed baby potatoes, heard our voices echoing across the lake, jumped in puddles, got bitten by mosquitos, were taken for a tracktor ride, cuddled baby animals, rode bikes, fell off the jetty with clothes on, learned about wild herbs, had countless cups of coffee and serves of ice cream, woke up with the birds, chatted to complete strangers on public transport, watched sun slowly fade away behind the forest, bathed in the (sun) light and enjoyed company of many friends and family.  Until next time .. 

I'm availabe for family, child and newborn photography in Kew and around Melbourne so please contact me (0424 080 565 or me@sannagriffin.com.au) I would like to hear from you! 

Follow me on facebook or check out my website for further information. 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

July Special {Newborn Photography Melbourne}

 I'm often asked when is a good time to book a newborn session? If you would like to have images of your tiny newborn all curled up and sleepy the best time is within the first two weeks. Normally my clients book newborn sessions when they are pregnant so then I can have their due date in my calendar and we can roughly estimate when the session will go ahead. So the earlier the better .. 
Now there is even better reason to book your newborn session early! If you book your newborn session in July you will receive complimentary mini maternity session on me for FREE! How great is that!

Maternity sessions are normally best done somewhere around 7-8 months when your belly is nice and round but before you start to feel too heavy and uncomfortable. 

Gift vouchers are available too! Think what a lovely gift this would be for a dear friend or daughter. And if it's for yourself consider it as an investment for your family as these images will be treasured as the years fly past (and trust me they will!)

Interested? Send me an email me@sannagriffin.com.au or call for a chat 0424 080 565 (I'm in australia time on Friday morning) 

I would love to hear from you!


Sanna Griffin is an accredited professional family portrait photographer,specialising in newborn photography, child photography and family photography in Melbourne, Kew and eastern suburbs.

Please review the portrait photography in my galleries on my website and read my blog for more recent photography sessions and information.

bookings me@sannagriffin.com.au or 0424 080 565

Sunday, 12 July 2015

JENNI + SAMU| Helsinki Maternity session

Sweet maternity session with Jenni & Samu who about to become parents for the first time! They haven't found out if they are having a boy or girl so in few weeks time they are having one BIG surprice when the baby arrives. Such an exciting time!

Would you like to capture this amazing time in your life? If you are pregnant please send me a message - I'm offering complimentary mini maternity session for each newborn session purchased in July! So you just need to book and pay your session in July and you receive complimentary maternity session. How sweet is that! Email me me@sannagriffin.com.au (gift vouchers available) to book. 

Now please enjoy the images. x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Family love {Melbourne Family Photographer}

Some family love for you .. It was a beautiful and warm autumn day at the Botanic gardens, Melbourne.

Would you like some relaxed and natural images of your family? YES? Well then I'm your photographer. Please contact me - I would love to hear from you - me@sannagriffin.com.au.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Welcome to the world Evie Scarlett {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

Welcome to the world little Evie! Evie's mum booked the shoot last year when she was in her early stage of pregnancy so I had her arrival in my calendar nice and early .. We had such a lovely and relaxing shoot and got to play with few props and different poses.

My newborn sessions are normally done within the first 12 days of babies life so if you are expeting now is the best time to book your session.  Contact me for more info: me@sannagriffin.com.au