Friday, 3 April 2015

Why choose accredited photographer? { Melbourne family photographer }

I recently reached one of my personal goals and became accredited professional photographer by AIPP. Now for me personally this was obviously an awesome event but I hear you asking what does it mean for you as my client? And why should you choose a accredited photographer?
What's AIPP?
AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) has been helping pofessional photographers more than 100 years to be become not only more creative but more succesful businessmen and women. They advocate for excellence in imaging and is the membership organisation of choice for professional and aspiring image makers.

Why choose accredited photographer?
Current technology has brought greater accessibility to cameras that produce high quality images. Everybody can be a good photographer. What makes accredited professional different?  

Accredited pfofessional is:
  • Assessed and Proven – Accredited members are judged by an assessment panel to ensure that each accredited member achieves and maintains an expected level of craftsmanship
  • Is Professional - operates a registered business and has liability insurance as appropriated for their business. They also follow the AIPP code of practice and AIPP terms and conditiuons of membership and agree to abide by the AIPP accredited members requirements.
  • Is Experienced – every Accredited Member must have a minimum of two years industry experience before applying for Accreditation. Have the skill creativity, style and ability to get the job done on time and on budget. 
  • Never Stops Learning – through the AIPP continous professional Development  (CPD) program, all Accredited Members must take part in workshops and seminars throughout each year to ensure they continue to develop along with the industry. 
More information:

I'm available for family photography, newborn photography and child photography in Melbourne, Kew and surroundings. For bookings and enquiries you can email me on or call me on 0424 080 565.

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