Monday, 18 March 2013

What does your photographs mean to you?

If my house would caught on fire what would be the first thing I would try to save? Well after making sure my family was safe I would try to save my photographs: albums, hard drive(!) and laptop. They are more valuable to me than my clothes, electrical goods or jewellery (not that I have anything fancy/expensive). You can always replace all the above but photohraphs you can't. You can't redo wedding ceremonies, babies first steps, birthdays etc. For me photographs like are little time capsules to the exact moment when the image was taken. I also always wonder what photographs mean to my clients and hence wanted to share the below with you.

I took photos of little Francesca about a year ago. I was happy to receive a lovely thank you note from her mother bit after her first birthday. This is what she wrote:

"Wow - time flies and anyone who has a second child will tell you .. that first year goes sooo much quicker than with the first child. The time to actually sit and watch your second child sleep, or cuddle them and smell that baby smell are, unfortunately, fewer and far between.

That's how I felt with my little girl Francesca, who turned one a month ago .. which is why it's so nice to have photos of her from her first month in life. Looking at the newborn photos that you took of our Francesca, reminds me of how beautiful she is/was, and takes me back to that time in our lives - it was summer, hot and I was quite exhausted but it was a magical time as well as we introduced our little miss to our little master. We were in awe of her and the miracle of life, as cliqche as that sounds.

The images you took remind me everyday of what we have and how lucky we are, especially when it does get a bit tough sometimes. Thank you!

Julia Esmonde x"

What can I say this is the best kind of thank you note that I could ever receive! It warms my heart and brings me so much joy that I was able to capture this special time of their lives. This is why I chose Photography. 

What does your photographs mean to you? Please share your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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