Friday, 27 April 2012

My new (camera) body - Nikon D800 - part 1

When my new camera was delivered a week ago I just couldn't believe it was finally here. After months and months of waiting the announcement from Nikon and then few months wait once it was ordered.  So I've had the camera for a week and what do I think .. ? I personally think this camera just blows your mind. It's so sharp and crisp and after taking my first images I just couldn't believe my eyes .. They say that this is the best DSLR that has been ever made.

The D800 has more resolution than any other full-frame DSLR by a large margin, more than twice as many pixels as Nikon's own brand-new professional Nikon D4 that sells for twice the price! 

here is one of the first images I took: ISO 1000  f/4,5  1/250s
and here is an eye cropped from the original image:
if you look close enough you can see my refelction in my sons eye taking the photo.

Then couldn't resist to take an image in  my dark kitchen on a cloudy afternoon:
ISO 1000  f/5,6  1/100s

Here is one of my favourite images from the first batch. My son admiring his brand new balance bike. ISO 250  F/4,5  1/250s

ISO 640 f/5,6 1/160s

      Then he started to get bit annoyed with me - enough  photos (for now) ;) ISO 400 f/5,6 1/800s

Stay tuned for further reviews and images .. have a great weekend!

p.s. I haven't done any post prosessing on the images just resized and added my logo .. pretty good!

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